Cosmic Triumph

How it started

It all began long ago when the two souls of Anthony and Logan formed
together from their previous band to create the all mighty force of Cosmic
Triumph, these two warriors traversed the lands known as New England in search of their missing members. 

For months the two journeyed far and wide putting up ads wherever they could, trying out other humans for their band but found no success. After quite some time the two had decided to take their time to the studio, in which they recorded their debut single “AEROPLANE” at Kennedy Studios in Burlington MA, and released on Friday October 13th. After the release of their song, they used it to reach more people on social media as well as find their first drummer Juan, the trio had plenty of practice together learning more about each other and what they liked to play. 

Juan then informed the two he could get a person for bass and brought over Ayden. After a lot of practicing together they finally had what they sought out for, they now had the confidence in taking it to the next level by playing on stage; as well as recording they’re debut EP “VOL 1” at Wonka Sound Studios in Lowell released Friday March 1st. 

These 4 would play multiple shows together until a lineup change saw Ayden move to drums and led to his friend Ryan joining on bass to keep the train rolling as they inch closer to upcoming shows and studio time for their debut album. They continue to generate fans from all ages and places at each show as they look to expand their Cosmic Empire with their sound.

About the Members